Are the world’s institutions running up a trust deficit? Geopolitical tensions are rising and supranational alliances disintegrating. Popular unrest against elites is surging, the pace of change, globalisation and automation challenge employees across countries and industries, while climate change is testing the boundaries between politics and business.



Society’s trust in key institutions – with business sharing the fate of governments, NGOs and media – has declined markedly over the last years. CEOs have a low credibility among the broader population, and are short of a key currency. At the same time, technology is offering new capabilities to build but also distort trust, which may demand new ways for business leaders to relate to their stakeholders.

Trust is firmly embedded in the mission of the Business for Peace Foundation. With trust as the overarching theme for the 2018 Summit, we will look at how business leaders can address the trust deficit. To rebuild trust in business, we believe that leaders need to step outside of their traditional roles and place sustainability and the opportunity to create value for society at the core of their strategy. We need businessworthy leaders.

The Summit is an intergenerational forum, highlighting how experienced and emerging leaders can work to co-evolve a sustainable and peaceful future, by being or becoming a problem solver for society. In the spirit of the Foundation’s vision, we hope to build a conversation on transformational leadership, including how to achieve sustainable impact, challenges in changing corporate culture, and how to gain trust and support from key stakeholders, such as owners, customers and employees.