muhammad_yunus1A key goal for the Business for Peace Foundation, as it seeks to increase awareness of ethical business practices, is to work to influence and redefine the general public perception of what it means to be a successful businessperson. So far, success has primarily been measured through the one-dimensional prism of financial success. Through introducing the broader normative concept of Being Businessworthy, the aim is to complement the public image of what constitutes success.

The Foundation will assist the independent Award Committee in its work as Nominees are considered, and the recipients of the annual award – the Honourees – are agreed upon.

  • The Foundation is engaged in arranging and sponsoring symposia and conferences for business, political and educational communities. Through these gatherings, the Foundation aims to promote awareness of ethics in business, and refine and disseminate the universal principles that should underlie ethical business practices, in accordance with the charter of the Foundation.
  • In recognition of the importance of education and research, the Foundation will seek to award scholarships to students, and sponsor research projects in the field of ethical business practices at leading universities and business schools.
  • In continuation of the educational commitment, the Foundation seeks to establish, maintain and make available an online research library of studies and cases dealing with ethical business practices, to grow concurrent with the activities of the Foundation.
  • The Business for Peace Foundation aims to become a promoter of Businessworthy behavior, through the examples shown by its Honourees, and through its activities towards fostering a greater appreciation of the relationship between business and peace.
  • The Foundation will seek to provide a platform for the Honourees, from which they can share their business wisdom with the world.