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Press release: Principles for Responsible Investment new Nomination Partner

Picture 2 PRI logo

Picture 2 PRI logoThe Foundation is proud to welcome PRI, Principles for Responsible Investment, as our new nomination partner. PRI completes our group of nomination partners, representing investors and the financial sector. PRI is the world’s leading proponent of responsible investment.


PRI believes that an economically efficient, sustainable global financial system is a necessity for long-term value creation. The principles whom signatories commit to, contributes to creating a system that rewards long-term, responsible investment and benefits the environment and society as a whole.



The initiative was launched in 2006, by a group of the world’s largest institutional investors. The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, Swedish Folksam and the Norwegian Government Pension Fund are among its founding members. Today, the principles have more than 1.800 signatories from over 50 countries, representing approximately US$70 trillion in assets. It is currently expanding its reach into regions like Asia, South America and Africa. Read more about PRI on their websites.

For more information, please contact External Relations Director Ingrid Baukhol:


The 2017 Summit Report is here!



Today the Foundation published the 2017 Summit report, presenting a summary of the discussions that took place  at the 2017 Business for Peace Summit.

The Summit theme was “Brundtland +30: Breakthrough Ideas for Future-Proofing the Global Economy”, highlighting leadership, technology and finance as three essential tools. If you want to know more about what participants such as Gro Harlem Brundtland, Yngve Slyngstad and Marilyn Carlson Nelson consider as breakthrough ideas, read the full report here.

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Read the full Aftenposten article on Business for Peace here

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Missed 2017 Oslo Business for Peace Award Ceremony? Watch it here!

2017 Award Ceremony

The 2017 Oslo Business for Peace Award Ceremony took place at Oslo City Hall on May 16th. This year we welcomed Durreen Shahnaz, Harley Seyedin, Murad Al-Katib and Elon Musk to the Business for Peace Honourees family.

Raymond Johansen, Governing Mayor of Oslo, opened the Award Ceremony followed by welcome speech by Per  L. Saxegaard, Founder and Board Chair of Business for Peace Foundation. A keynote speech “2017 State of the Union between Business and Society” was given by Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland who is a former Prime Minister of Norway and Chair of the Brundtland Commission (´Our Common Future´). As a part of the Award Ceremony the dialogue with Aurore Belfrage (Entrepreneur, startup advisor and part of EQT Ventures) and Vaibhav Lodha (Co-Founder of ftcash) was facilitated by the moderator, Henrik Syse (Philosopher and researcher at PRIO).

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The arrangement was accompanied by the music performances curated by Artistic Director, Maren Selvaag. Artists that performed at the Award Ceremony included Aliya Cycon (oud, vocals), Maren Selvaag (piano), Hans Kjorstad (Violin), Rasmus Kjorstad (Harding Fiddle), Jonas Barsten (drums, electronics), Kristian B. Jacobsen (bass), Bygdøy School Choir Stella Vitae.

We would like to thank everyone who made this event happen and share a full footage of the Award Ceremony with you here.

Business leaders mobilize for sustainability

2017 Honouree & Prime Minister for news

40 executives from the Norwegian business sector, recently in China, have given promise to work to meet the UN’s sustainability goals in recent days.

From left to right: Murad Al-Katib, Durreen Shahnaz, Erna Solberg and Harley Seyedin

From left to right: Murad Al-Katib, Durreen Shahnaz, Erna Solberg and Harley Seyedin

Last year, the Oslo-based foundation, Business for Peace went on to ensure that business leaders across the world promised to lead their companies so that sustainability goals could be met.

During the roundtable conference at Business for Peace on May 16th, Prime Minister Erna Solberg emphasized that business is the “muscle” in the cooperation to achieve the UN’s sustainability goals.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg leads the UN’s Advocates group to promote sustainability goals. The targets will be redeemed by 2030.

Famous names

The Virgin boss Richard Branson and the top manager of Unilever Paul Polman declared their promise in 2016 and in the past year several hundred new leaders, both international and Norwegian, have followed up. Among them are Statoil Eldar Sætre, Egil Hogna in Sapa and Svein Tore Holsether in Yara.

The business leaders who have signed up to now represent companies that have a total turnover of over NOK 5700 billion, with more than 2 201 000 employees.

China Support

Following Erna Solberg’s visit to China, along with a large business delegation, last week, alongside with Head of Innovation Norway, Anita Krohn-Traaseth, took an initiative to gather support for the sustainability promise from the around 300 leaders who participated on the trip. So far, 40 leaders have given the promise. 

Gro speak

In her speech at the opening of the Business for Peace Round Table Conference, Erna Solberg highlighted the Brundtland Commission’s report “Our Common Future”, which celebrates 30 years in 2017. The theme of this year’s conference is the Brundtland report. Gro Harlem Brundtland helds the speech “State of the Union between Business and Society” at Oslo Business for Peace Award Ceremony in Oslo City Hall. This year’s prize winners are Elon Musk, Durreen Shahnaz, Harley Seyedin and Murad Al-Katib. The award winners are selected by an independent committee of Nobel winners in  both peace and economics.


Additional Comments and Contact Information

Acting Communications Director, Business for Peace, Elisabeth Skarsbø Moen, +47 9133 5103

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